Ear Care

Description of Ear Care

Ear Care is gentle ear cleaner that can help with the cleaning of your pet’s ears. Ear Care contains calendula (marigold) and due to its specific formulation helps to support the normalisation of the skin and the ear environment without dehydrating the ear. This helps keep the ear flexible, supple and healthy.

Pack Size: 60ml and 160ml

Directions for use of Ear Care

Ear Care has a flexible cannula to make it easier for you and more comfortable for your pet when administering Ear Care.

For use in cleaning the external ear. Fill the external ear with Ear Care solution and softly massage the flexible part of the ear from the bottom to the top. This method will allow the dissolved ear debris to be eliminated from the ear. The excess Ear Care and dissolved debris can be gently removed from the surrounding area using cotton wool. Never use cotton buds in your pet’s ears.

Pack Size: 60ml and 160ml