Our Services

With an offering of more than 15 different services, we aim to provide all the support you need to get the most out of our products and expertise in the animal health industry.

For Vets

Vetoquinol strives to offer products and services to all areas that can improve the lives of animals, especially within veterinary practice. We aim to be approachable, helpful and ethical in all of our dealings, whilst offering a portfolio that helps give the best possible service it can to the animals under your care.

Vetoquinol currently has 4 main service divisions:


• Technical Support
• Training/Educational Support
• Marketing Support
• Pet Owner Support
These amenities are available to all vet practices and for more information about services such as Lunch ‘n’ Learn, CPD Modules and Sanitary audits please contact your local Vetoquinol Territory Manager.


Digital tools play a vital role in communicating with pet owners and just as we do with our product offerings, Vetoquinol continues to bring innovative tools to assist you in everyday practice. 


 Vet Touch consists of a collection of animated films that can be used to help reassure and educate your clients when discussing complex medical and surgical conditions.
• Tractive MOTION Activity Monitors help to track a pet’s activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using these innovative activity collars, the pet owner and veterinary surgeon can monitor the activity of the pet more effectively compared to traditional methods and be used as part of the pet’s service to support their osteoarthritic dog.


For Pet Owners

Dedicated to pet owners, explore our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn sites to provide you with advice and information on our products.


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