Our products for PAIN-INFLAMMATION


Vetoquinol offers a complete range of products for pain relief and prevention. By contributing to the well-being of animals, our company is addressing an ethical and therapeutic issue, as pain has well-known deleterious effects on health.

  • Antisedan contains atipamezole for dogs and cats. It reverses the sedative and analgesic effects of Domitor or Dexdomitor in dogs and cats.

  • Cimalgex is a NSAID for dogs, containing cimicoxib. It is for the relief of pain and imflammation associated with osteoarthritis and perioperative pain.

  • Dexdomitor contains dexmedetomidine hydrochloride. The most selective α2 agonist.

  • Dolethal contains pentobarbital sodium BP 20%. For euthanasia of small animals (mainly dogs and cats) and cattle.

  • Domitor contains medetomidine for dogs and cats. It is for restraint and sedation.

  • Domosedan Gel contains detomidine. It is for the sedation of horses.

  • Domosedan vial contains detomidine. It is for the sedation of horses.

  • Narketan 10 contains ketamine. It can be used as the sole agent for the restraint of cats or in combination for the induction of anaesthesia in dogs, cats, horses and donkeys.

  • Sedalin contains acepromazine for the sedation of horses.

  • Xylapan contains xylazine hydrochloride. For use in horses, cattle, dogs and cats where sedation is required.