Our products for HYGIENE & CARE


Our pets are often our best friends. It is our responsibility to keep them healthy and provide them with the best possible care. At Vetoquinol, we offer our customers a complete range of products to meet  their pets hygiene needs.

  • Aluspray

    Aluspray is an aluminium wound spray which forms a weather resistant protective barrier for wounds and sensitive skins.

  • Ear Care contains calendula (marigold). It cleans dirty ears and maintains health for cats and dogs ears.

  • Eye Care Liquid contains chamomile, calendula and euphrasia extracts. It is a gentle eye cleaning solution for pets.

  • Aiding the management of hairballs in cats

  • Skin care contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 this helps to support a healthy skin and coat in dogs and cats.

  • Sonotix - Rebalancing ear cleaner for dogs and cats

    Enhanced rebalancing ear cleaner for dogs and cats with triple action formula that softens and dissolves earwax.

  • Urine Care Gel aids in reducing struvite stone recurrence in dogs and cats.