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Aluspray is an aluminium wound spray which forms a weather resistant protective barrier for wounds and sensitive skin for horses, cattle or other animals kept outdoors.
Benefits includes:

  • Forms a protective barrier against moisture, micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria and fungi including Dermatophilus congolensis, the causative agent of Mud Fever), dirt, flies and other insects.
  • Shields sensitive skin from diarrhoea, post castration, post dehorning.
  • The fine mist propelled means Aluspray completely covers the wound and can be applied without damaging the wound tissue.
  • Contains a proprietary carrier that helps the protective formula to adhere to the skin, so it stays where it's needed.
  • Allows the wound to oxygenate (breath) which is essential for good wound healing.
  • Can be used as a barrier during risk periods e.g. mud fever and increased sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Permitted under FEI regulations.
  • Will not burn or blister sensitive skin.
  • Being waterproof, Aluspray is highly suited for application to unhoused animals.
  • Washes off easily with warm soapy water.

There is no antibiotic in Aluspray, thus overcoming any concerns over antibiotic residues in animals intended for food consumption.