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Osteoarthritis is a complex, painful and degenerative condition which affects the joints and has a physical, mental and emotional impact on our pets. Initially the disease is confined to the joint which is painful when used. However over time, it’s impact is felt through other regions of the body, due to weight shifting away from the sore joints. Resulting changes in posture and movement lead to further overuse-related conditions that add more layers of pain and poor mobility. 

The key to successful management of the condition lies in a partnership with your veterinarian and is aimed at controlling pain. Fortunately, there are many ways to positively influence the progression of the disease, such as pain relief, supplements, weight loss and lifestyle modifications. 

At Vetoquinol, we believe in a multi-modal approach to management and are committed to helping vets and pet owners manage their pet’s pain with a range of products to improve their quality of life. We also support the management of peri-operative pain associated with orthopaedic or soft-tissue surgeries.

Practice Support:

Xpertise Osteoarthritis Management Programme

Xpertise is an informative and educative programme in Osteoarthritis management, based on an international scientific committee of experts, sharing pioneering and practical experiences to create innovative tools and solutions for veterinarians who specialise in Osteoarthritis.